Since 2011, Miss PS has become a brand in its own right – an iconic retail experience, trusted by most fashion literate clientele, offering the best of the best in established and new international labels.
Miss PS is devoted to bringing the most exciting and eclectic women shoes, bags and accessories to the high street. We offer finest quality leather products and accessories from the best brands worldwide (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherland…), at very affordable prices.
Miss PS has grown through a passion and dedication to excellence in product and a commitment to providing outstanding customer service. With an exceptional array of styles, Miss PS collections are sophisticated and stylish, aspirational and unique and there really is something for everyone and for every occasion.

From the practical to the perfect, Miss PS has a range that more then meets any day and special occasion needs. The values that Miss PS has embraced from the beginning are creativity, a passion for exploration and a commitment to both people and product. This approach will continue to play a vital part in its future growth and success.
Luxury at Miss PS is not an issue of price, it’s a state of mind. We strive to provide our clientele, every season, with an unparalleled mix that you could only dream of until now. A unique experience combined together with world-class customer service makes each client feel at home and exclusively cared for.